As of today, former NBA point guard and current TV sports analyst we love to see go head-to-head with Jeff Van Gundy, has agreed to a three-year, $6 million contract to coach the young, explosive Golden State Warriors.

This is actually a bittersweet kind of moment for me. Mark Jackson is my favorite sports expert to listen to during games. He never has a bias towards any player, coach, or team. And, he will be dearly missed as the search for Van Gundy’s new partner will begin.

This is actually a great opportunity for Jackson. He has two star players to work with, along with a tough young nucleus. I always thought Golden State was extremely talented, and that they were a coach away from heading in the right direction and becoming a real contender in that tough Western Conference.

Jackson’s hard-nose, precision style of play will be a great philosophy to bring to that organization. I really think his defensive mindedness will transform this lethal offensive team into a powerhouse in the league. If you payed any attention to him speak, he always hinted of what he would do if he was a coach in certain situations, and he was always pretty much dead on.

Here’s the actual story:

This is a great opportunity for him, and I wish him the best of luck.


–D. Woods


Man… I hate hearing news like this. It consistently leaves me speechless. A kid, Ryan Royall, with a bright future ahead of himself shot dead at a sweet 16 party with 300-400 in attendance. And, there was no reported violence to happen at the party.

This kid being randomly shot dead makes no sense. This violence has to stop. It sounds so cliché, but it’s 100% true. What could this young basketball star have done to be shot multiple times ??? I just don’t get it, and maybe it’s not my place in society to comprehend it, but a harmless kid like this getting killed needs to be justified.

I can’t really say enjoy this, but I will say to my fellow Hoopers be safe, wherever you go because no place seems to be safe to do anything anymore.

Here’s the URL to the actual story:

–D. Woods

Just some camera time of me recapping these past few days of basketball. From the “named” NBA MVP to the 2nd Round of Playoff Basketball.
–D. Woods

LOL. My first video post, so bare with me. I promise I’ll get better. Not the best speaker, but I think my opinions on these topics are pretty much on point. But, give me some feedback, and let me know what I can improve on. I know for sure I can improve on looking at the camera more… LOL.

But, it’s some good stuff. Enjoy.

–D. Woods

Had to post his second dunk from GAME 5 last night. Anybody that can dunk, knows the difficulty in dunking with your opposite hand. I can dunk with my opposite hand, but not like this. He pretty much cocked it back in Carl Landry’s face, in a Game 5 playoff game.
Talk about confidence.
Kobe has a confidence that only one other player in the world had. That player is His Airness, Michael Jordan.
–D. Woods

Yeah, this just happened a lil bit ago. I had to post this because this is something I haven’t seen Kobe do in a long time.

I keep watching it over, and over. Emeka Okafor messed up because by the looks of it, it looks like that dunk woke up the Lakers team.

But, enjoy. Watch it a million times like I’m doing.

–D. Woods

Kevin Love stormed the scene this year in the absence of former teammate, and current Utah Jazz standout Al Jefferson.
When the two played together, Kevin Love was the Power Forward by default. I think this was exactly why he has a mediocre to sub par rookie season. He wasn’t in his natural position. Now some would say that the Power Forward spot is his natural position because of his 6’10” height, but I think he has the size to dominate at the Center position, which he has done all his life. And, by the looks of it, Head Coach Kurt Rambis thought the exact same thing I did.
Kevin Love blossomed in this 2010-2011 season, and was selected to his first All-Star game in place of the supposed Starter Yao Ming (which I don’t think should’ve been the case, but who am I right). He had a career season, and broke a which seemed to be a long-standing record. It was Moses Malone’s consecutive games with a Double-Double.
I knew Kevin Love was going to be this good, but I had no idea it was going to be his second year in the league. Very surprising, and good for the NBA also seeing as he was a candidate for Defensive Player of the Year in my book. Here are his stats from his stunning 2010-2011 NBA season:

Congrats K. Love.
–D. Woods